How to create an account (2016-01-20 00:00:00)

IBBestimator app contents:

  • Builders database 

         - by phrase

         - by activity

         - by location

  • Buy materials - allowing to check our prices, description of materials, direct ordering - zrzutka
  • EIY - Estimate It Yourself – quick and easy possibility for:

         - choosing Sections and Estimates for specific project

         - specifying dimensions eg. rendering area, extension or new house width and length, etc

         - generating Summary of Labour, Materials, Plant&Tools, Overheads, Profit etc

         - saving what is required in PDF file

         - emailing

  • Weekly deals - allowing to view actual promotions
  • Sport news - we are concentrating on disciplines we are supporting – wycieta zrzutka tylko od Our sponsorship

         - IBB Polonia London VC - volleyball

         - London Eagles FC - football

         - tennis

  • IBB Builder magazine - electronic versions of IBB Builder magazine issues



How to create an account

  1. download IBB estimator  app form App Store and Google PLAY – it’s FREE  - tutaj ikonka aplikacji
  2. go to “My account”  icon - you wil see subscription status:  - tylko ikonka My account

         - Free

         - PayAsYouGo7days - with the date of expire

         - PRO - with the date of expire

3.   click “Options” and choose Login/Register link with options:   ( zrzutka )

         - Log in - for existing users; you can use login used during registering on our website

         - Register - for new users and businesses

         - Without registering - if you want to test

         - Forgot password/login - if it happen

     please remember to read and accept “Terms&Conditions”


4. after registering and logging in you can go to “My account”  to “Edit” section and at any time change or moderate your data


5. if you are trade we suggest go back to “Option” button and next to “Builders database” section to add company activities:

  • choose your activities by clicking proper checkboxes 
  • upload your company Logo
  • to be visible for others you will need in addition to accept displaying your business using  On - OFF  slider
  • this will allow other users of application to find You in “Builders database”
  • at any time you can push slider back into OFF position


6. “My account” icon – will allow you also to:

- change your other data password,

- control  commercial subscription if you will decide to upgrade

- archive your estimation previously done


7. to save your time we are recognizing your device and after first logging in – we are kipping you permanently  logged in but in “My account” section you can Log off


IBB team