How to create your OWN LIBRARY and work with MY OWN ESTIMATES (2016-02-20 00:00:00)


How to create your OWN LIBRARY and work with MY OWN ESTIMATES

This option allows the user to add own estimates based on IBB database or own input data. It is an option where you can create a database of your own estimates so you have access to your own library at anytime.  This option allows you to:

  • Use and change data in IBB estimates and save as your own
  • Create your own estimates
  1. Log in to your account at


  1. Click on icon ESTIMATES and then click NEW
  2. Step 1 in the left panel enables to personalise the estimate by adding title – click icon ADD TITLE 
  3. Step 2 in the left panel enables to choose MY OWN ESTIMATES option from the ESTIMATE LIBRARIES


 In the first step choose the category of estimations that you are interested in, for instance finishing and internal painting.

When you select the subcategory- painting doors, on screen you will see the notice to set the price. pastedGraphic.png

Press icon YOUR OWN to set your price level or choose icon IBB if you would like to base your estimation on IBB data.

 If you select IBB on screen you will see a calculator where you can input details to achieve an estimation based on IBB rates, profits and additional costs (supply etc.) 

If you select YOUR OWN on screen you will be able to work on rates, profits and additional costs that you have set up on your own in MY OWN ESTIMATES or during the calculation. Your data is highlighted in yellow.

In both IBB and YOUR OWN options you can manage data during the calculation. You are able to change the data in icons by double click- for instance you can alter the price by double clicking on price or labour wage icon. In another option you can click ADD icon to add any details of labour, material and plant & tools to your calculation.

 You will be asked to accept the change- click YES and your estimation will be updated.  


If you are happy with your calculation, click icon ADD to add this position to your estimation. 

Remember to SAVE your work often. 


 Another option available in MY OWN ESTIMATES is the possibility to add your own positions and data to the library. Click icon MY OWN ESTIMATES in the left top panel. 


You are now allowed to add any own data of labour, materials or plant & tools. This data can be used in your estimation. Initially you will have an empty folder, but when you fill your data you will be able to work on them. You are able to add any new details by clicking icon ADD and input your data. Remember to SAVE your details. To change the price or any other details double click on icon, amend it and click SAVE. Now you will be able to work on your own data. 


 Do not forget to take into account and input data for Cost of supply, Indirect Cost and Profit 


 Same amendments can be done with all options – Labour, Materials, Plant & Tools.

After you upload your data to your library you can work on your estimation. Remember that while working on your estimation you can also add positions from other estimation libraries.

 If you would like to build your own estimate position (after if necessary adding to your library -Labour, Materials and Tools) choose icon YOUR OWN ESTIMATES and click ESTIMATION in the left top panel. 

Add details by inputting name and units. 

IMPORTANT! The measurement unit has to be consistent with the measurement unit which you uploaded to your library- for materials and labour or tool & plant. 

To manage your estimate position it is required to SAVE and REFRESH first. Now you are able to MANAGE YOUR  ITEM COST CALCULATIONS- press the icon.

 You can add all required data to your estimate position from your own library. Set the performance unit to keep the measurements consistent. Take into account cost and profit.

Click SAVE button to upload details to your estimate position.

Click MENU button to add or edit a catalogue/sub-catalogue or to assign to position estimate.


 After you click MENU button, in next step you are able to choose one of your own sub-catalogue or one of existing IBB sub-catalogues and assign to which specific catalogue upload the position, for instance to FINISHING & INTERNAL PAINTING catalogue. Click ASSIGN to position estimate

By clicking buttons ADD or EDIT catalogue/sub-catalogue you can add new or amend existing.

Important! Click SAVE button and REFRESH to load your amendments.

 After completing the above steps and assigning to position estimate you can create your own estimate using your own inputted data.