Dear user,

We are happy to introduce the new version of IBB Estimator.

This is the third version of the construction cost estimates that over the ten years we have developed, using the experience of previous years and the attention of users.

Using the IBB estimator is only possible after acceptance of Terms & Conditions.

IBB Estimator - designed in Java, on-line calculator for the calculation of construction works:
  • Estimating Labor, Materials, Plant&Tools and Overheads Equipment
  • Allowing to Edit and change above factors
  • Filtering estimates using the convenient On-Hide-Off options
  • Generating automatically workload and work schedule, and possibility to edit it
  • Changing the purchase price level of Materials depending on the level of discounts granted
  • Ordering directly from the estimates or subdivision application IBB Shopping on-line with the highest possible level of discounts - PRO version
  • Preview descriptions of products and drawings
  • Automatic import of users logo and corporate data applications
  • Description of the building object, the description of construction Work covered by the calculation, including: customer name, No ref, date, etc.
  • Recording data to a PDF and Excel files (PRO version) made estimates and their print options in the wide choices
  • Archiving estimates - having access to the saved, written estimates and editing
  • If you are interested in subscription of Licence to use the IBB Estimator please contact us by calling 020 8965 7972 or email: [email protected]

Currently IBB Estimator provides four levels of use:

  1. FREE TEST level - does not require registration on our website and does not require logging - contains a version of the test, it allows you to check multiple application functionality but it has much reduced possibilities
    • Sample estimates (you can view them without the right to edit and save)

  2. FREE EXTENDED level - for registered users of - available in the extended version but still substantially limited; to obtain permission to use this level requires registering and having a login, which will be individually assigned.
    • This level allows the use of three estimates Block namely:
      • External wall insulation system Aval
      • Suspended ceilings
      • Waterproofing
    • In addition, you can:
      • Saving estimates as its own
      • Edit and change data rates, overhead
      • Automatic data download your own business and work computed data (only the three w / in quotes)
      • Purchase of materials due to the level of registered users – trade

  3. PAY AS YOU GO level - requiring a license agreement for a 7 days with a fee 20.99 GBP incl. VAT . This level allows you in addition to make purchases of our materials with the possible discount - 30%

  4. PRO level - requiring a license agreement for a minimum of 12 months with an annual fee 599.99 GBP incl. VAT . Commercial level allows you to make purchases of our materials with the highest possible discount - 40%
IBB team

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Posted by IBB Estimator on 12 sierpnia 2015
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